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End-to-End Data Management, Purpose-Built for Your Industry

The ZNZ Resources Unified Data Stack


A game-changer in the world of data management and governance.

Cutting-edge technology that's purpose-built for a specific industry.

The ZNZ Unified Data Stack is a game changer in the world of data management and governance. Our cutting-edge technology offers purpose-built offerings that are tailor-made to meet the specific industry needs of our clients. With the ZNZ Unified Data Stack, organizations can rest assured that their data is in good hands. ZNZ’s Unified Data Stack is designed to deliver exceptional performance, security and scalability, making it the ideal choice for organizations of all sizes. Whether you're in healthcare, finance, energy or any other industry, the ZNZ Unified Data Stack has you covered.


The ZNZ Unified Data Stack

Leveraging the Ai Data Tool Box and Ai Data Detect Dashboard 

Ai Data Detect

As the flagship component of our cutting-edge Ai Data Tool Box, Ai Data Detect is revolutionizing the way organizations leverage their data assets.

At its core, Ai Data Detect is designed to provide rapid visibility and deep insights into the intricate landscape of data stores.  By unlocking the untapped potential of data assets, this powerful solution empowers enterprises to gain unparalleled visibility, make informed decisions, and maximize the value of their data.

Advanced Archive +

Packed with advanced features, adaptive hosting, AI-powered efficiency, and seamless integration within the Ai Data Tool Box ecosystem, this powerful tool will empower organizations with precise control over their archived data. 


By harnessing the capabilities of Advanced Archive+, organizations will confidently preserve their data, achieve regulatory compliance, and unlock the full potential of their archived information for informed decision-making, collaboration, and innovation.

Data Connect

Data Connect enables organizations to seamlessly capture and preserve data from various sources, including enterprise channels, mobile devices, social media, and collaboration tools.  This simplifies compliance with regulatory requirements, facilitates eDiscovery, and ensures the retention of valuable data.

Combined with the other components of the Ai Data Tool Box ecosystem, Data Connect enhances data management capabilities by providing advanced insights, profiling, and automated lifecycle policies for data retention.

Disrupting the Data Governance Market

ZNZ Resources' Game-Changing Features Dwarf the Competition


Our Clients Love ZNZ Resources

“Lloyds Banking Group have an established relationship of over 15 years ago with ZNZ Resources (FKA Zantaz EAS) in maintaining compliance and regulatory requirements.  With their solutions, we can respond to eDiscovery requests across billions of documents in a reliable and secure manner.  As the landscape of technology platforms evolve, ZNZ are a trusted and expert partner for the bank’s archival initiatives. We are excited to see how their upcoming solutions leveraging innovative technologies can deliver further value.”

CIO Group Services & Security Team

Lloyds Bank plc

“Implementing ZNZ Resources' compliance solutions gives us a single source of truth for data archiving, compliance, and eDiscovery.  As an innovative bank with multiple subsidiaries, we needed a solution that would help us meet Federal Reserve, FINRA, and SEC compliance without delaying the adoption of new communication and collaboration tools.  By having a single solution we have also significantly reduced the time and costs for eDiscovery and planning and transitioning our operations to the cloud..”

National Bank 

Washington-Metropolitan Area 

“[Z-Drop] has changed everything positively.  Our FOIA officer uses it to share FOIA productions, and it meets all our requirements for highly sensitive data transfer.”

Records Officer 

Top Virginia University 

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