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ZNZ Data Processing

Turning all of your escalating Unstructured Data
Actionable Smart Data

Runaway Unstructured Data
Too Many Petabytes
Escalating Data Storage Costs

Your Organization’s Big Data Strategies Just Don’t Cut It Anymore

Today, massive amounts of Big Data arrive in various forms with up to 90% of it being Unstructured Data.  Your organization is generating this overwhelming amount of Unstructured Data at an unprecedented rate, fueled by factors such as increased digitalization, IoT devices, social media, artificial intelligence, and customer interactions, as well as challenging distributed workforces and increased utilization of chat and collaboration platforms (MS Teams, Zoom, Slack, etc.).  This rapid growth has exposed the damaging limitations of your organization’s legacy storage solutions.


Scattered Big Data with Diminished ROI

Managing and utilizing Unstructured Data, such as text documents, images, and videos, is particularly challenging [and beyond the capabilities of current data solutions].  Complicating matters even more, this escalating Big Data is often accumulating in scattered systems and departments, leading to data fragmentation.  This fragmentation can make rapidly identifying, accessing, searching, storing, exposing risk, analyzing, and effectively utilizing Big Data difficult while dramatically diminishing the anticipated ROI on your organization’s expensive investment in data generation and AI.  But now we have the solution …


“ZNZ Resources is proud to introduce our new ZNZ Data Processing for data governance and retention. Packed with advanced features, adaptive hosting connectivity, AI-powered efficiency, and seamless integration with any legacy storage environment, this powerful AI-infused tool kit empowers your organization with precise control over your entire escalating Unstructured Data estate, including troublesome Dark Data.  


By harnessing the capabilities of ZNZ Data Processing, your organization can confidently connect to all your scattered Unstructured Data repositories, cure your Dark Data problem, turn your legacy archives into modern smart archives, enrich and properly preserve your Unstructured Data, build effective and safe internal LLMs, dramatically reduce your data storage costs, and unlock the full potential of all your data for eDiscovery, compliance, informed decision-making, collaboration, risk assessment and mitigation, and AI innovation.”   


- Eric Carpenter, CEO, ZNZ Resources

Avalanche of Unstructured Data

Unstructured Data is often data that organizations can’t identify.  It is part of the massive, complex, sprawling world of Big Data.  Research reveals that 60% to 85% of Unstructured Data in storage setups is Dark Data. 


In order to optimize Unstructured Data, ZNZ Data Processing provides rapid visibility and understanding of your escalating and challenging data stores, turning all of your unactionable Unstructured Data into Actionable Smart Data and dramatically reducing your Data Storage Costs.


By shining a light on Dark Data and allowing users to search, discover, and govern that data, Ai Smart Data addresses the operational burdens of your data compliance obligations and, with human-augmented AI, transforms Unstructured Data into a competitive advantage


ZNZ Data Processing

ZNZ Data Processing’s unique value proposition starts with transforming unactionable Unstructured Data into Actionable Smart Data. 

By converting unidentified and Dark Data into Actionable Smart Data, your organization gains actionable insights, enhanced security, and improved data quality.  With the power of self-aware data at your disposal, your organization can unlock the full potential of its enriched data assets [especially for building internal LLMs] and properly dispose of ROT and re-tier its storage for dramatic data storage cost savings.


See How We Compare

ZNZ Data Processing stands out in the market as a leader due to its superior performance and reliability. Unlike competitor companies with varying usage and consumption charges, we offer transparent and upfront pricing, ensuring our customers always know what to expect.

ZNZ Data Processing
ROI Calculator

As recognized by the ongoing engagement at GE with Data Detect, enterprises are overwhelmed with data.  Much of this has exceeded retention, is not a business record, has no compliance or legal preservation requirement, and should be deleted.  But since your organization can’t manage what they can’t identify, clarify, or profile, data continues to grow unabated, leading to escalating costs and increased data risk.  As a result of this over-preservation, enterprises are spending millions to store and analyze this data.  This hurts your organization’s bottom line and diminishes the value and efficacy of analytics programs aimed at deriving business insight from this data.

ZNZ Data Processing ROI Calculator

The ZNZ Data Processing ROI Calculator demonstrates how using AI-infused technology drives cost savings in data storage for your organization.  By accurately analyzing the impact of implementing ZNZ Data Processing solutions, your organization optimizes its storage usage and appropriate tiering to reduce costs dramatically.  


The ZNZ Data Processing ROI Calculator provides industry baselines and allows for assumptions to be tailored to each organization, first to project estimated cost reduction opportunities and then to retrospectively report on actual savings as storage optimization programs utilizing the power of ZNZ Data Processing are implemented and operated.


Utilizing Data Detect, c1 Advantage and the GE Core Tech Team have combined to solve GE’s data problem.  The calculator operates based on the following assumptions like those in the GE engagement:


Managing over 26 petabytes [PBs] of storage, GE found itself grappling with the complexities of an ever-expanding storage estate.  With a looming divestiture deadline driving the project timeline, the c1 Advantage team, working with GE CoreTech, established the scope of the initial program to analyze approximately 10 PB of critical data Tier 2 and Tier 3 storage for simple ownership, age, and last access characteristics.

ZNZ Data Processing ROI Calculator Demonstrated by the GE Engagement

Utilizing GE’s storage tier cost and conservative data growth assumptions, the ZNZ Data Processing ROI Calculator shows that your organization’s estimated total data storage usage after 3 years is 10,068 terabytes, divided into Tier 2, Tier 3, and Cloud storage tiers.


The estimated annual storage costs before optimization analysis using Data Detect for each tier are $41.0M for Tier 2 and $6.2M for Tier 3, for a total annual cost of $47.2M.  

By leveraging Data Detect, GE is able to intelligently re-tier its data storage, moving over 4 PB of data off of expensive Tier 2 storage and moving nearly 6 PB of previously unidentified Dark Data to significantly cheaper cloud-based storage.  After optimization analysis using Data Detect for each tier, the estimated annual storage costs are $11.6M for Tier 2, $1.75M for Tier 3, and $3.8M for Cloud storage, for a total annual cost of $17.2M.

Getting Cured: ZNZ Data Processing Step by Step

1.  Initial Analysis and Planning

Start by acknowledging the issue of Unstructured Data overload.  Engage in collaborative workshops with our Subject Matter Experts to define the scope, scale, assumptions, and success criteria of your project.  To ensure a smooth and efficient deployment, we'll provide the necessary architecture and security documentation required by your InfoSec team.

2.  Fast Deployment and Full Optimization

With your understanding and approval, we will then deploy the ZNZ Data Processing components on your preferred environment - on-premise, hosted, or cloud Kubernetes clusters.  We'll also facilitate the integration of ZNZ Data Processing with your Directory servers and chosen Data Repositories.  After deployment, we'll fine-tune the ZNZ Data Processing components to maximize performance and align with your infrastructure.

3.  Data Analysis and Action

ZNZ Data Processing’s ZNZ Data Detect tool is capable of scanning up to 8 million files per hour, providing quick and comprehensive analysis of your data.  It generates clear, graphical feedback on the location, ownership, and usage patterns of your data.  Moreover, it uses AI for deep analysis of key data to identify content, recognize risks, and provide crucial insights.  With this data, you can take decisive actions such as deleting ROT, applying retention policies, and moving data to more cost-effective storage tiers.

4.  Project Review and Success Celebration

Once the implementation and data analysis stages are complete, it's time to assess the project results using the ZNZ Data Processing ROI Calculator.  Verify whether the forecasted cost savings and success criteria have been achieved.  Upon validation of success, you can celebrate your victory in achieving efficient and effective data management with a real ROI on your AI investment.

Chris Fennessey

VP of c1 Advantage

“Data Detect allowed us to rapidly and accurately identify, classify, and profile GE’s data estate, which provided GE with the ability to re-tier several PBs of storage [with a projected savings of $30M], identify sensitive data exposure and risk, and improve data security with control over data ownership and access.”

Turn Unstructured Data into Actionable Smart Data

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