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A Legacy of Success

Building a Modern Archive

Over 25 years ago, we launched Advantage Systems Professionals in Pittsford, NY, as the first of our independently owned and operated tech partnerships.  Since then, our propitious success in the tech space has benefited everyone who has had the resolve to invest, create, innovate, adapt, and persevere. 


Two of our more initiatory tech developments over the years include being the first to earn the FedRAMP Authority to Operate with Autonomic Resources and now the introduction of ZNZ Resources’ ZNZ Data Processing.


FedRAMP Authorization for the First Cloud Platform

Our Autonomic Resources partnership blazed a trail for our remarkable problem-solving development efforts in the world of first-generation and next-generation tech platforms.  Launched in North Carolina with our Managing Partner, John Keese, Autonomic Resources developed the groundbreaking FedCloud Platform, ARC-P, to become the first to secure the highly coveted FedRamp Authorization for a cloud platform for federal agencies.  


Over a decade ago, the Obama Administration recognized the need to transition to a secure cloud deployment model for all 450+ federal agencies.  Autonomic Resources answered the call to develop the highest-level-security cloud platform [based on the stringent NIST demands] that could be utilized by all federal agencies [including the Department of Defense] and all of their potential providers.  Remarkably, we delivered the first FedRamp Authorized Cloud Platform well ahead of industry giants like AWS, Azure, Google, and IBM.  Once authorized, we brokered a highly successful sale of our FedCloud Platform to CSC, a leading federal agency contractor.  This ensured that our FedCloud Platform, ARC-P, would gain maximum exposure and instant recognition among all federal agencies.


Also of note was our Capax Global partnership’s successful engagement with United Airlines [prior to Capax Global’s successful acquisition by Hitachi Data Systems].  While United Airlines and Microsoft were building a new reservation system in Azure, they came across a myriad of challenges that only Capax Global could solve.  As a long-time Microsoft Azure Partner, Capax Global, under the guidance of founding partners Jerry and Jessica Hawk, delivered unbelievably complex and technical solutions to some of the world’s largest companies, and their work with United Airlines was no exception.
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Our Next Innovation

Continuing our legacy of successful innovation, ZNZ Resources' ZNZ Data Stack has emerged as a transformative solution in the modern AI-driven landscape, where organizations grapple with the challenge of managing escalating volumes of Unstructured Data.  


Our new data governance platform, ZNZ Data Processing, leverages human-augmented Artificial Intelligence, blending the speed and analytical power of AI with human expertise.  This synergy aids in crafting more informed and successful data policies, enhancing data usage pattern analysis, and identifying potential compliance and risk issues.  This innovative tool is pivotal in converting unstructured and often overlooked Dark Data into valuable Actionable Smart Data [ASD], enabling organizations to not only reduce ROT [Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial data] but also to tap into the hidden potential of their data assets and deliver the anticipated, yet elusive, ROI.

On October 1, 2024, we will officially embark on a new era in data governance by introducing the beta release of ZNZ Data Processing to select ZNZ Resources customers worldwide.  Apply now to be included in this select beta-release. 

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