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Actionable Smart Data

What is Actionable Smart Data?

Defining Actionable Smart Data 

What exactly is Actionable Smart Data?  It's data that's enlightened.  Beyond just bits and bytes, Actionable Smart Data is imbued with metadata that explains its origin, format, location, and relevance.  With ZNZ Data Processing, data doesn't just exist; it narrates its story.  By turning underutilized Dark Data [Dumb Data] into Actionable Smart Data, your organization can harness the dual benefits of reduced storage costs and unearthed business insights - providing for enhanced decision-making, improved operational efficiency, and a culture of innovation.

Dark Data: An Untapped Treasure

Big Data has long been established as the new gold in the modern business world.  It drives decisions, unveils opportunities, and is fundamental to innovation.  However, a startling amount, up to 80%, of this Big Data remains unexplored and untapped.  This unused and unanalyzed data, often termed as 'Dark Data,' lies dormant in every organization's legacy storage spaces, silently accruing escalating costs and providing risk without delivering any value.  There is a wealth of customer insight, process innovation, and cost savings that can be unlocked if this Dark Data can be effectively identified and utilized as Actionable Smart Data.. 


Dark Data: A Growing Problem for Legacy Storage Solutions 

The influx of Big Data from a myriad of sources, both internal and external, has been nothing short of overwhelming.  Big Data, while teeming with potential, also brings forth challenges.  The sheer volume, coupled with a lack of enriched metadata, makes it a daunting task to determine the data's ownership, evaluate risks, understand business relevance, and select suitable storage methods.  As Big Data accrues, so do costs and risks, burdening your organization without any substantial return on this data investment.


From Dumb Data to Actionable Smart Data: The Revolution of ZNZ Data Processing 

ZNZ Data Processing's Data Detect tool is the beacon in this data deluge.  It recognizes the hidden value in dormant Dumb Data and converts it into Actionable Smart Data.  With seamless integration of cutting-edge algorithms and intuitive Data Management workflows, Ai Smart Data Processing enables your organization to classify, centralize, and control its data.  It provides a holistic solution that addresses compliance, eDiscovery, ROT, risk, and strategic utilization [while dramatically reducing data storage costs].


The Challenges of Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial Data [ROT]

A closer look at most organizations' data portfolios reveals an alarming fact: nearly 30% of their Big Data is ROT.  While ROT may sound benign, it's a leech, draining resources without any return.  It also represents risk; retaining unneeded data can cause legal issues, regulatory fines, and more.  The urgency to address ROT becomes paramount in an age where reducing IT expenses is not just a goal but a necessity.


Actionable Smart Data: A Solution for Today and Tomorrow 

ZNZ Data Processing empowers your organization to pierce through the Big Data fog, identify ROT, and manage it effectively.  Advanced algorithms identify, classify, and profile data, differentiating the valuable from the trivial.  This clarity fosters efficient data management, aids in crafting effective cloud migration strategies, and ensures that every byte of data truly counts [while dramatically reducing data storage costs].

Smart Data 1.0

ZNZ Data Processing’s unique value proposition starts with transforming unactionable Unstructured Data into Actionable Smart Data.  


By converting unidentified and Dark Data into Actionable Smart Data, your organization gains actionable insights, enhanced security, and improved data quality.  With the power of self-aware data at your disposal, your organization can unlock the full potential of its enriched data assets and properly dispose of ROT and re-tier its storage for dramatic data storage cost savings.


Actionable Smart Data [ASD] is enriched data that carries with it information about its creation, ownership, type, access, format, location, bias, relevance, risk, and value. 

Marco’s 8 Steps to Smart Data

Getting control of your Big Data seems difficult; however, ZNZ Data Processing is easy to deploy and use so that you can get started quickly.  The Powered by PremCloud Resources Best Practice Smart Start program allows you to start analyzing data within hours so that you can begin to gain the critical insight necessary to make informed decisions with your data.


  1. Admit You Have a Problem - Analysis & Scoping
    You are not alone.  Every organization is challenged by the avalanche of Big Data that they are faced with as it grows year over year.  Our collaborative workshops with PremCloud Resources’ Subject Matter Experts help to define the charter for the project, the scale of engagement, the assumptions, and the target criteria for a successful outcome.

  2. Security Review
    PremCloud Resources will provide the necessary architecture and security documentation to your InfoSec team to streamline deployment approval so that PremCloud can hit the ground running.

  3. Deploy and Tune
    PremCloud Resources will begin by deploying the containerized microservices application components in on-premises or cloud-provisioned compute resources and help you connect Ai Smart Data Processing with your identity Directory services and chosen Data Repositories. 

    PremCloud Resources will then tune and optimize the ZNZ Data Processing components on your infrastructure to ensure maximum performance is achieved.  Automated deployment, scaling, and management of Ai Smart Data Processing application components are orchestrated through Kubernetes.

  4. Identify Your Data
    ZNZ Data Processing scans metadata at up to 8 million files per hour, analyzing large estates quickly.  It provides you with graphical, easy-to-understand feedback on where your data is located, who owns it, when it is accessed, and more.

  5. Classify & Profile Your Data
    ZNZ Data Processing performs targeted deep analysis with artificial intelligence on key data to understand the content, identify risk, and gain insight.

  6. Act On Your Data
    Delete ROT, apply retention, and move data to more cost-effective storage tiers using ZNZ Data Processing’s built-in actions.

  7. Verify the Outcome
    Assess the results with PremCloud using the ZNZ Data ROI Calculator and verify the forecasted cost savings have been realized and the target criteria for success have been met. 

  8. Celebrate the win!

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