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ZNZ Beta-Release

ZNZ Data Processing Beta-Release

Why ZNZ Data Processing is Essential
Over the years, ZNZ Resources has continued to update and upgrade our core archive solutions [i.e. EAS, HPCA, and Z Archive] to keep our legacy customers at the forefront of archive technologies.  However, a few years ago, our development team recognized a dramatic need to provide data tools that addressed the escalating avalanche of Unstructured Data our customers are being overwhelmed with ...  


Your Organization’s Big Data Strategies Just Don’t Cut It Anymore

Today, massive amounts of Big Data are being generated and accumulating in various forms with up to 90% of it being an escalating avalanche of Unstructured Data.  Your organization is most likely generating this overwhelming amount of Unstructured Data at an unprecedented rate, fueled by factors such as increased digitalization, IoT devices, social media, artificial intelligence, and customer interactions, as well as challenging distributed workforces and increased utilization of chat and collaboration platforms [MS Teams, Zoom, Slack, etc.].  This rapid growth has exposed the damaging limitations of data governance and legacy storage solutions.


Managing Data at Speed and Scale

Managing and utilizing Unstructured Data, such as text documents, images, and videos, is particularly challenging [and beyond the capabilities of current data archive solutions].  Complicating matters even more, this escalating Big Data is often metastasizing in scattered systems and departments, leading to data fragmentation.  This fragmentation can make rapidly identifying, accessing, searching, storing, exposing risk, analyzing, and effectively utilizing Big Data difficult while dramatically diminishing the anticipated ROI on your organization’s expensive investment in data generation and AI LLMs.  But now we have the solution …


ZNZ Resources has answered this challenge by delivering a solution that can rapidly harness massive amounts of Unstructured Data at exabyte scale, turning it all into Actionable Smart Data [rather than just relocating it all to a data lake or other unproductive storage repositories].  Although most of our customers have some solutions to address their escalating avalanche of Unstructured Data, none can perform at speed or scale like Data Identifier, which can now scan 8 million files per hour [that’s one billion files per week]. 


Introducing ZNZ Data Processing

On October 1, 2024, ZNZ Resources will officially embark on a new era in Data Management with the Beta Release of the ZNZ Data Processing to select EAS, HPCA, and Z Archive users worldwide.  ZNZ Data Processing’s cutting-edge AI-infused tool will transform and modernize the way your organization handles its rapidly accelerating Unstructured Data challenges, especially its troublesome Dark Data.  


A Universal Tool to Transform All Legacy Archives
ZNZ Data Processing is pivotal in transforming any traditional data archive by delivering Actionable Smart Data.  By turning your escalating avalanche of Unstructured Data into Actionable Smart Data, your data can be properly routed, stored, secured, and made accessible for deployment into private AI Large Language Models [LLMs] and machine learning [to extract valuable insights from properly identified and stored data].  This transformation turns static archives into dynamic, strategic assets.  ZNZ Data Processing actively contributes to business intelligence, significantly boosting operational efficiency and ensuring compliance.  

By accessing Unstructured Data and converting it into Actionable Smart Data, ZNZ Data Processing immediately delivers ROI, allowing your organization to leverage its escalating avalanche of Unstructured Data in real time.  With advanced search capabilities and scalable architecture, ZNZ Data Processing ensures informed decision-making and efficient handling of expanding data volumes.


Kubernetes Clusters 

The use of Kubernetes in our ZNZ Data Processing provides your organization with easy automation and management capabilities.  Kubernetes Clusters enable efficient deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, streamlining data ingestion, storage, access, and backup and recovery processes.  Its high availability, scalability, and ease of management empower your organization to handle data access, storage, retention, disposal, and archiving tasks effectively and efficiently within legacy environments.

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