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ZNZ Data Distributor

Data Distributor

ZNZ Data Processing’s Ai-infused
Policy, Compliance, Utilization, and Security Demand-Driven Data Router

Welcome to the Future of Data Management Content

ZNZ Data Processing’s Ai-infused Policy, Compliance, Utilization, and Security Demand-Driven Data Router, Data Distributor, is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes data management by providing customizable data retention policies based on unique business needs.  It combines human-augmented Artificial Intelligence capabilities to improve data quality, automate object classification, and enhance data retention and deletion policies.  With Data Distributor, your organization can effectively manage its data by defining retention policies, automating archival processes, and ensuring compliant disposal to maintain data integrity and meet legal and regulatory requirements.


ZNZ Data Processing’s Ai-infused Policy, Use, and Compliance Driven Data Router

Data Distributor offers your organization a versatile and customizable approach to data management.  From efficient disposal of unnecessary data to preserving legacy information and implementing cost-effective storage solutions, Data Distributor empowers you to make informed decisions about data retention based on their specific needs.  By leveraging AI capabilities and the comprehensive ecosystem, you can optimize storage costs, improve performance, ensure compliance, and unlock the full potential of your data assets.


Data Retention Tiering

By utilizing Data Distributor to select the Retention Tier that aligns with your organization’s data needs, you can customize your data management approach.  Data Distributor empowers you to optimize data storage, preserve historical data, implement cost-effective cold storage, simplify data transfer, and ensure compliance with security and regulatory requirements.  Leveraging AI capabilities and the flexibility of your available Retention Tiers, Data Distributor enables you to streamline your data management practices, reduce storage costs, and achieve compliance with industry regulations.

Data Disposal Redefined

Data Distributor recognizes that not all data is valuable.  ZNZ Data Processing’s intelligent approach to data disposal optimizes data storage, enhances performance, and reduces costs.  By automating data retention and deletion policies with Data Distributor, users can remove data that exceeds defined retention schedules, achieving immediate cost savings and providing a more streamlined data environment.

Preserving the Past
Data Distributor focuses on providing retention routing for data to your legacy data storage environments ensuring that the historical imprint of your organization is preserved, allowing seamless access to valuable legacy data when needed from your legacy archive.

Data Distributor Integration with Z Hub
ZNZ Data Processing's Data Distributor fully integrates with our Z Hub storage, which simplifies the handling of large volumes of small documents, especially in legal discovery productions.  By consolidating files into a single zip file, data transfer time is reduced, leading to increased efficiency and productivity in managing and transferring data.

ZNZ Data Processing’s FedRAMP Authorized storage tier is being designed for organizations operating in compliance-focused sectors.  It provides advanced archiving capabilities with a FedRAMP [Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program] Authority to Operate certification. This certification ensures that data management processes meet high standards of security and compliance (i.e., FIPS 140-2), offering peace of mind to organizations operating in regulated environments.

ZNZ Data Processing’s
Re-Tiering Benefits

  1. Cost Savings
    By implementing intelligent data retention and disposal policies, Data Distributor helps your organization optimize storage costs.  Unnecessary data is identified and safely discarded, eliminating the need to store and manage irrelevant information. This streamlined approach reduces storage expenses and frees up resources for more critical data.

  2. Improved Performance
    With Data Distributor’s removal of redundant and outdated data, the overall performance of data storage systems is enhanced.  By focusing on storing only relevant and frequently accessed data, you can achieve faster retrieval times and improved efficiency in data operations.

  3. Compliance and Legal Readiness
    Data Distributor ensures that your organization adheres to legal and regulatory requirements by automating data retention policies.  It enables you to define specific retention periods for different types of data, ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations.  Additionally, the integration with Charter Source Archiving with FedRAMP ATO certification further enhances data security and compliance capabilities.

  4. Data Preservation
    Data Distributor is specifically designed to preserve legacy data storage environments.  It recognizes the historical value of your organization’s data and ensures its accessibility for reference, analysis, or compliance purposes.  By retaining legacy data, you can maintain a comprehensive historical record and leverage insights from past operations.

  5. Efficient Cold Storage
    Data Distributor offers a cost-effective solution for storing infrequently accessed data.  By leveraging renowned platforms like Azure BLOB and AWS s3, you can securely store data without the costs associated with active archive storage.  This tier of retention provides a balance between cost efficiency and data accessibility, ensuring that data is available when needed while optimizing storage costs and being aware of hidden retrieval and access costs.

  6. Simplified Data Transfer
    Data Distributor's integration with Z Hub simplifies the handling of large volumes of small documents, especially in legal discovery productions.  By consolidating files into a single zip file, data transfer time is reduced, enhancing efficiency and productivity.  This streamlined process enables you to manage data more effectively during legal proceedings or when sharing data with external parties.

  7. Seamless Integration
    Data Distributor seamlessly integrates with other components of your data management ecosystem.  This integration provides a unified data management solution, enhancing data insights, profiling, and automated lifecycle policies.  Your organization can leverage the comprehensive ecosystem to optimize data management practices, maximize data value, and streamline operations.

Data Distributor’s Ethical AI

ZNZ Data Processing provides solutions and user policies designed to ensure responsible, ethical, and efficient data management.  This governance encompasses the entire lifecycle of data, from collection and storage to processing, analysis, and deletion.  


Data Distributor

ZNZ Data Processing’s Ai-infused Policy, Compliance, Utilization, and Security Demand-Driven Data Router ensures the processes and decisions made by humans as well as AI systems, are transparent, understandable, and accountable, enabling stakeholders to identify and correct errors or biases.


ZNZ Data Processing is crucial for building trust in AI and data management systems among users, regulators, and other stakeholders.  With its remarkable ZNZ Data Distributor tool, ZNZ Data Processing mitigates risks related to data misuse, privacy breaches, and unethical AI behavior. 


  1. Data Quality and Integrity
    Data Distributor starts by ensuring that data is properly identified, accurate, complete, and reliable, to prevent garbage-in-garbage-out scenarios that lead to unintended consequences or unnecessary risk due to incorrect conclusions or actions, especially by AI systems.

  2. Data Privacy and Security
    Data Distributor protects sensitive and personal data, especially when used by AI systems, in compliance with data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA) and ensures that data is securely stored and transmitted.

  3. Ethical Use of Data
    Data Distributor allows for the establishment of guidelines to prevent biases in AI models and ensures AI systems respect human rights and values.

  4. Compliance with Regulations
    Data Distributor ensures that AI systems and their use of data comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including those specific to certain industries or types of data.

  5. Data Accessibility and Sharing
    Data Distributor facilitates controlled access to data within and outside your organization, promoting collaboration while respecting data privacy.

  6. Sustainability
    Data Distributor mitigates the environmental impact of running AI models that create massive amounts of useless and at times, high-risk data and implementing strategies to reduce carbon footprint and energy consumption.

  7. Future-Proof Archiving and Integration
    Data Distributor ensures that your organization's archiving processes remain modern and future-proof.  The solution adapts to emerging technologies and regulatory changes, providing advanced features to address new challenges in data management. 


      Moreover, Data Distributor seamlessly integrates with all storage, maximizing            the value of stored data, enhancing overall data management capabilities, and        dramatically increasing data ROI.

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