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Zovy Supervisor

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Purpose-Built for your changing compliance demands 


Zovy Supervisor is a communications monitoring and compliance tool that allows you to proactively review and interrogate any electronic message to ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risk, and maintain internal standards of behavior.  


The world’s leading companies, including Fortune 100 financial, energy, and pharmaceutical organizations, use Zovy Supervisor to ensure compliance in high-stakes regulatory environments, such as SEC 17a-4, FINRA, and FERC.  Zovy Supervisor is a proven solution that allows your company to monitor the wide array of electronic communications that are necessary in today’s world, such as email, IM, chat, Bloomberg, Reuters, audio data, collaboration platforms, and social media.  It is designed for fast review with an easy-to-use interface and maintains the complete supervisory audit trail that is necessary to prove to regulatory bodies that your organization has a well-maintained, reasonably designed system to prevent violations.

In addition to mitigating risk by identifying problematic communications early, this type of monitoring acts as a policy to shield the organization and limit liability.  No company can prevent all inappropriate actions by all of its employees.  But by implementing these programs, and being able to prove that there are policies in place to create an environment where these issues are actively monitored, your organization can limit the damages from an incident.

Optimize your Compliance Strategy
with Supervisor

Risk & Reputation Management 

In today’s world of increased scrutiny on corporate behavior, organizations must have processes in place to mitigate risk and ensure the proper behavior of its members.  Zovy Supervisor is a proven tool, and the system can monitor, capture, analyze, and investigate your employee electronic communications for any reason.

Data Loss Prevention

Organizations also hold valuable data in an electronic format that is accessible by many employees and it is all too easy for some of this information to leave the organization through any number of electronic channels. Monitoring and control of this data to prevent unwanted loss is paramount.

Fully Customizable, Proven Solution

Zovy Supervisor can be easily configured to look for key language, behaviors, and other markers that signal problematic communications or unwanted activities.  Zovy can apply industry-standard policies for your organization based on best practices, apply custom monitoring profiles, or combinations of these to develop an efficient surveillance process for your company.  


The ZNZ Unified Data Optic

Purpose-Built to meet the specific industry needs of our clients

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Our agnostic Data Connect framework enables enterprises to capture, transform, mobilize, and continuously deliver content from chat and collaboration channels and deliver it to any output destination. Data Connect is the most versatile data connectivity platform in the market.

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Advanced Archive

Advanced Archive provides comprehensive unified data archiving built on over two decades of experience as an industry leader providing enterprise information archiving, management, eDiscovery, and compliance solutions for litigation, regulatory, and GDPR requirements.

Contact us to learn more about our Purpose-Built Unified Data Optic.

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