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Unified Data Optic
Purpose-Built for All Industries

Z differentiates itself in its belief that security, reliability, resiliency, and expert management are all of paramount importance to the successful adoption and return on investment of an enterprise solution.  Unlike traditional cloud services that are fully shared [multi-tenant] to reduce costs, ZNZ’s hosted SaaS instances are deployed as single-tenant installations, each residing on dedicated and secure VLANs.  Each client’s environment is, therefore, isolated, ensuring that only they have access to their data.  

ZNZ Archive is a comprehensive data archiving platform that enables our clients to protect, optimize, and search their electronically stored information while automating governance processes.  Powered by PremCloud, ZNZ Archive delivers a comprehensive and scalable archiving solution designed to help our clients meet all regulatory and legal obligations.

Zovy Archiving Advantages

Meticulous Data Aggregation

ZNZ Advanced Archive begins with precisely connecting and aggregating your targeted data.  With our Advanced Archive, we provide you the essential tools to capture, migrate, and clean all structured, unstructured, and dark data.


ZNZ Cloud Advanced Archive not only has industry leading tools to capture and migrate data, but it is uniquely prepared to detect, correct, or remove all of the incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, or irrelevant parts of the data (also referred to as ROT - redundant, obsolete and trivial data).  The inconsistencies detected or removed may have been initially caused by user entry errors or corruption in transmission or storage, but ZNZ Advanced Archive ensures that the data archived and unified for our clients is both essential and error-proof.

ZNZ Advanced Archive is the industry leader in Office 365 integration.  Our unique bi-directional data integration mitigates risk while delivering evolved control, Journaling as a Service, governance, and increased value to the utilization of the entire Microsoft Suite. Compliance and eDiscovery in Office 365 requires a high level of expertise and active monitoring to maintain perpetual legal holds, inactive users, and other mechanisms to ensure complete records compliance.  A Microsoft 365 or Office 365 mailbox can’t be used as a journaling mailbox.  

ZNZ Advanced Archive Journaling as a Service [JaaS] provides clients with a compliant, highly secure, and immutable archive repository to unify, encrypt, preserve, secure, access, and utilize their most critical data while ensuring they retain complete ownership and governance of their communications.

Complete Office 365 Compliance

Powerful Enterprise Search 

Enterprise-wide search across 100,000+ custodians can quickly be culled and refined using several filtering and search options.  Boolean expressions can be built in the Advanced Search Builder, which provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to add a virtually unlimited amount of search terms and e-discovery operators, automatically generating a historically complex search query in perfect boolean syntax.  e-discovery professionals can structure advanced boolean queries to include proximity searches, addressing, wildcards, and standard [content, date range, and to and from] criteria.


The ZNZ Unified Data Optic

Purpose-Built to meet the specific industry needs of our clients

Data Connect

Our agnostic Data Connect framework enables enterprises to capture, transform, mobilize, and continuously deliver content from chat and collaboration channels and deliver it to any output destination. Data Connect is the most versatile data connectivity platform in the market.

Ai Data Detect

Ai Data Detect provides rapid visibility and understanding of your enormous data stores. By shining a light on dark data and allowing users to search, discover, and govern that data, Ai Data Detect addresses the operational burdens of data compliance obligations and transforms dark data into a competitive advantage

Advanced Archive

Advanced Archive provides comprehensive unified data archiving built on over two decades of experience as an industry leader providing enterprise information archiving, management, eDiscovery, and compliance solutions for litigation, regulatory, and GDPR requirements.

Contact us to learn more about our Purpose-Built Unified Data Optic.

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