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Zantaz EAS Unveils Revolutionary Smart Archive 1.0 – The Next-Gen AI-Powered Archiving Platform

Introducing Ai Data Connect & Detect - Transforming Dark Data into Smart Data


Posted by:  Tom Thomson, CEO

Date:  November 6, 2023


[Williamsville, New York] — Zantaz EAS, the frontrunner in data archiving technology, today announced the beta release of its innovative and intelligent archiving solution, Smart Archive 1.0.  Building on two decades of industry leadership since the debut of its original Exchange Archive Solution (EAS) in 2000, Zantaz EAS continues to redefine the data archiving space with advanced, AI-driven solutions that meet the evolving challenges of Big Data.


Smart Archive 1.0 - An Archive Evolved

The introduction of Smart Archive 1.0 represents a significant leap forward in Zantaz EAS's technology offerings.  In recognition of the rapidly growing demands for sophisticated data archiving – driven by the surge in Big Data – Zantaz EAS has engineered Smart Archive 1.0 to be robust enough to address today’s needs and agile enough to adapt to tomorrow’s challenges.  Starting in 2024, select Zantaz customers will be granted free, unlimited access to this beta solution, paving the way for a new era in data management.


The Cure for Dark Data

Amidst the torrent of unstructured Dark Data lies both potential and peril.  Smart Archive 1.0 introduces the revolutionary Ai Data Connect & Detect, a data governance powerhouse designed to unearth valuable insights from Dark Data.  This data governance Cure for Dark Data will enable customers to transform latent data into actionable intelligence, purging redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) information, thereby slashing storage costs and streamlining data management.


Universal Deployment Made Simple

Leveraging Kubernetes, Smart Archive 1.0's Ai Data Connect & Detect ensures seamless automation and efficient management across diverse environments.  Whether deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or within hybrid infrastructures, Smart Archive 1.0 adapts to organizational needs while optimizing cost and compliance with its robust data orchestration capabilities.


Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

Understanding that each sector has unique needs, Smart Archive 1.0 will see vertical-specific deployments with customized iterations such as Z Legal 1.0 for law firms, BFSI Data 1.0 for the financial sector, UnCarbonIt 1.0 for environmental data management, and c1 Archive 1.0 for general corporate use.


For further information on Smart Archive 1.0 and to explore the future of AI-augmented data archiving, please contact Ashleigh McIntyre at or call 716.238.3817.


EAS History - The Foundation of Innovation

The EAS journey began with EDUCOM TS, Inc., which launched the original Exchange Archive Solution in 2000, aiming to enhance email retention and storage management for Microsoft Exchange users. Zantaz's acquisition of EDUCOM and subsequent product evolution have solidified EAS's position as a powerhouse in the archiving industry, now serving millions of users worldwide. Today, Zantaz EAS, LLC stands as a vanguard in data management, empowering global enterprises to protect and extract value from their data in an ever-demanding regulatory landscape.


Zantaz EAS, LLC is not just an archiving company – it's an innovation hub that turns data challenges into business opportunities. With Smart Archive 1.0, the future of data management is not just smart – it's brilliant.




Contact Information:

Ashleigh McIntyre


Phone: 716.238.3817

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