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ZNZ Resources Elevates GE Energy: Soaring Quality Metrics, Slashed Testing Time

Business Case:  GE Energy Management and Energy Services faced software quality issues in their shared engineering tools environment.  Offshore software development firms consistently provide defective code to the software test team with first-time-right metrics below 50%.  GE Energy looked to ZNZ Resources to develop and run a software performance testing program that would improve the performance and stability of the shared environment and reduce the costly re-work and testing cycles.

Highlights & Impact:  "Partnering with ZNZ Resources transformed GE Energy Services. Previously struggling with offshore code defects and sub-50% first-time-right metrics, ZNZ's innovative rewards system and tailored software performance testing skyrocketed our metrics to 90% and slashed testing time by 60%, significantly boosting productivity and software quality. They've been essential partners in our pursuit of excellence." – Dan Chan, CTO, GE Energy

Methodology:  ZNZ Resources devised and implemented a unique program that rewarded first-time-right software releases and was punitive to re-work and built a team of 20 professionals across the world to perform and coordinate the work.  The program incentivized offshore software development organizations to adopt formal testing, Quality Control, and software release practices into the software development process.  Three months into production, GE realized a first-time-right metric greater than 90% and a 60% decrease in application testing cycle time.



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