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Unified Data Governance: One Platform for Preservation, Search, and Governance

Business Case:  Kaleida required a unified solution to deliver efficiencies and cost savings to Kaleida.  This client would benefit greatly from alleviated storage costs, providing one platform to preserve and govern the data, as well as providing one platform for end-users to search their data.  Kaleida consistently faces cost-cutting measures and a revolving door of executives, while our lower-level contacts tend to remain employed and even promoted in the company. 

Highlights & Impact:  "As Director of Technology Engineering at Kaleida Health, I've seen firsthand the impact of partnering with ZNZ Resources for over a decade. Their Hosted Archive has been pivotal for our mail access, compliance, and legal discovery needs, ensuring a compliant email environment. ZNZ's support during Exchange upgrades and the migration to Office 365 has been invaluable, streamlining processes and reducing costs significantly." - Shawn Lyman, Director of Technology Engineering

Methodology:  For over a decade, ZNZ Resources has been a proud partner to Kaleida, providing a Hosted Archive for end-user mail, compliance, and legal discovery, ensuring compliant email storage. Our resilient system supports Exchange upgrades and streamlines migrations, notably to Office 365, enhancing discovery and offering cost-effective access to historical data, promising streamlined, cost-reduced transitions.



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