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Streamlining eDiscovery: Reducing Time and Resources for eDiscovery

Business Case:  With dual headquarters in separate countries, Hogan Lovells faced mounting challenges in creating a single source of truth through their data. Their broken eDiscovery process resulted in the inability to export with folder-structure retention and no way to cull down relevant client matters. When we became engaged, the firm archived over 5,000 mailboxes and were forced to hire two additional full-time employees to support the increasing volume of eDiscovery requests.

Highlights & Impact:  “ZNZ Resources transformed our eDiscovery workflow processes and reduced time to delivery by at least 60%. Our InfoSec team can now handle all requests the same day of receipt - It’s mission-critical to our operations.” - Director of IT

Methodology:  In 2019, ZNZ Resources expanded Hogan Lovells' use of our solution from email archiving to include eDiscovery, enhancing document search and reducing legal request processing from weeks to under an hour. This was crucial for departing lawyers handling client matters, maintaining the Outlook structure, and reducing staffing and time for eDiscovery tasks.

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