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Secure Data Share: ZNZ Data Drop Enables Secure, Private Data Transfer

Business Case:  The University of Virginia needed a streamlined method to include more users in data collection, avoiding complex SFTP configurations.  They envisioned a straightforward platform for easy document sharing among specific users, aiming to enhance collaboration, improve data exchange efficiency, and reduce the logistical challenges tied to conventional file transfer practice

Highlights & Impact:  “We take the security and privacy of our students, faculty, and the citizens of the Commonwealth very seriously.  ZNZ Data Drop meets our requirements for highly sensitive data transfer.  The data is protected, and the additional security features, such as the ability to expire securely shared information, are critical.  This has worked out so well that our human resources department uses it to transfer sensitive information to the state, and our Office for Equal Opportunity and Human Rights uses it as well.” – Caroline Walters, Records Officer, University of Virginia

Methodology:  To gain capacity and flexibility, ZNZ Resources reimplemented our Advanced Discovery solution that UVA was using on different infrastructure and then deployed and integrated an instance of ZNZ Data Drop.  The new and enhanced deployment enabled UVA to upload data directly into ZNZ Data Drop and, from there, move that data around, as needed, to share with other individuals or ingest into Advanced Discovery for processing.  Likewise, after completing the data processing in Advanced Discovery, UVA could either download or share it with ZNZ Data Drop.



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