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Reducing Support Costs: Centene Demonstrates Efficiency for Legacy Support

Business Case:  The infrastructure team at Centene was constrained by growing support costs for legacy archive environments, and migration options proved to be more expensive and cumbersome than simply aging out the data within these repositories. These decaying assets continued to weigh on their budgets with no tangible return on their investment. The organization required retention of these platforms, though not strategic or critical assets to Centene.

Highlights & Impact:  “Managing countless platforms and data repositories, such as these archives, became cost-prohibitive and put us at significant risk. Implementing support from a single vendor, ZNZ Resources, allowed me to demonstrate efficiency to our senior leadership.” - Scotty Glover Director of Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration

Methodology:  Centene partnered with ZNZ Resources for AXS One and Enterprise Vault support, leveraging Powered by PremCloud's 20+ years in archive support. This collaboration significantly improved service quality, halving Centene's support costs and reducing incidents. ZNZ Resources' expertise in non-legacy archives ensures Centene benefits from tailored, on-demand support, affirming our commitment through a dedicated contract.



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