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Rapid Data Governance: Re-Architected Systems for Reliable, On-Time, and Seamless Compliance

Business Case:  EY Global Services, headquartered in London, is a leading professional services network offering assurance, tax, consulting, strategy, and transactions.  As one of the Big Four accounting firms, EY operates with over 270,000 employees across 700 offices in 150+ countries.  Faced with stringent compliance and auditing demands, especially in the EU, EY navigates complex audits within a vast data landscape, often hampered by outdated systems causing delays.

Highlights & Impact:  EY in Germany and Switzerland archives all communications, essential for stringent legal compliance, managing 250 TB of data.  Responding swiftly to legal or audit inquiries is crucial; with ZNZ Resources, searches by custodian, date, or keyword yield results in 30 seconds, significantly aiding compliance efforts.  The intuitive interface simplifies complex requests, ensuring adherence to EY's strict requirements.

Methodology:  ZNZ Resources re-architected EY’s systems and processes so that audit, compliance, and legal inquiries could be completed reliably, on time, and with less effort.  ZNZ implemented the latest version of the ZiDOL Archive and optimized EY’s IDOL environment to provide an environment with improved performance and reliability.

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