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Rapid Archive Restoration: Bespoke Software to Extract and Access Email

Business Case:  Marine Systems Corporation had a corrupt archive and as such, was unable to access some 6+ million historical emails.

Highlights & Impact:  “This project exemplifies our partnership with ZNZ Resources and expertise in creating custom software solutions swiftly and efficiently. We tailored a data extraction tool to align with the client's specific requirements and Microsoft Outlook compatibility, completing the development and execution in five days. This approach not only met the technical needs but also expedited access to the clients historical emails.” – Ged Carr, Director Software Development, PremCloud Resources  

Methodology:  Bespoke software was written to dive directly into the data store (provided by the client) and extract all email details into a format readable by Microsoft Outlook.  The code was developed over the Christmas period taking two days to complete with the extraction of the messages running over a three day period.  Once all emails were recreated they needed zipping into manageable files that could be pushed back to the client.  The operation was a complete success with MSCorp enjoying the quick turnaround of the entire process.

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