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MWD Cloud Shift with ZNZ: Accelerated Savings, Efficiency, and eDiscovery

Business Case:  The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) provides water to over 19 million people in Southern California and is the largest supplier of treated water in the United States.  MWD had a major cloud initiative and needed to reduce its on-premise data footprint while cutting costs.  The goal was to migrate their messaging platform to Office 365 and eliminate the on-premise legacy data archive.  They needed robust backup of the online data as well. 

Highlights & Impact:  “MWD's cloud initiative, with Office 365 and ZNZ's hosted archive, streamlined the transition from on-premise systems, reducing maintenance. ZNZ's efficient data migration and retention policies aided the move, minimizing data volume and accelerating eDiscovery searches. This approach negated the need for separate backups, ensuring cost savings and robust disaster recovery outside the Microsoft ecosystem.” – Darrell Saunders, Security Analyst, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Methodology:  ZNZ Resources facilitated the migration of two legacy archive systems to their cloud platform for MWD, leading to significant cost savings by decommissioning on-premise servers and storage. Additionally, MWD avoided extra expenses for Office 365 data backups outside the Microsoft ecosystem by utilizing our archive solution. This not only ensured compliance and eDiscovery efficiency but also eliminated the need for a separate backup solution, further reducing costs.



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