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Modernizing Communications: Executing the Largest Notes to MS Exchange Migration

Business Case:  For JP Morgan Chase, we tackled the challenge of executing the largest ever Notes to Exchange migration, encompassing both email systems and applications. This complex undertaking was critical for modernizing their communication and operational frameworks, ultimately enhancing organizational efficiency, streamlining workflows, and ensuring a seamless transition for all users involved.

Highlights & Impact:  “Guided by Mark Smith, our team transformed early setbacks into triumph, leading JP Morgan Chase's critical migration project to victory. This not only garnered the 'Most Successful Project of the Year' award but also cemented our role as an elite Microsoft partner.”

Methodology:  As Microsoft's chosen partner, ZNZ Resources led JP Morgan Chase's pivotal migration project, initially started by Microsoft and JPMC. Despite early setbacks, under our direction with Mark Smith, the project spanning 2-3 years concluded triumphantly, earning the "Most Successful Project of the Year" accolade. This success solidified our billing as the delivering partner and contributed to us winning Microsoft Partner of the Year.



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