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Leveraging the Cloud: Savings, Speed, and Compliance Enhanced

Business Case:  Consumers Energy had a large on-premise data store in their legacy MyArchive system. The performance of the system was poor due to the age of the environment. It was costly and difficult to manage, and they were looking at a significant spend to refresh the aging hardware. 

Highlights & Impact:  “ZNZ Resources migrated our data to the ZiDOL Cloud solution, allowing Consumers to decommission 25 on-premise servers, 3 SQL servers, and 192 TB of storage. The savings from decommissioning the existing servers and storage exceeded $750,000. There were additional savings of over $50,000 in SQL licensing costs as well. In addition to the cost savings, legal and compliance searches now run consistently and in a fraction of the time, 400% faster for eDiscovery searches.” – Debbie Ortiz, Consumers Energy

Methodology:  ZNZ Resources partnered with Consumers Energy to analyze legacy data, assessing scope, storage, and financial impacts of retention policies. They navigated regulatory, compliance issues, and secured cross-departmental approval. Migrating data to ZiDOL Cloud, they decommissioned servers and storage, saving over $800,000, including SQL licensing. Legal searches became 400% faster, and Lotus Notes costs were eliminated, further reducing cloud expenses through implemented retention policies.



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