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Legacy System Retirement: Streamlining Productivity with Modern Archiving

Business Case:  The bank, with over 8,000 users, was reliant on Enterprise Vault (formerly known as KVS), an outdated legacy email archiving solution that no longer met their needs.  They required assistance to transition away from this system, necessitating the migration of thousands of employee mailboxes to a more current and efficient archiving solution, with the ultimate goal of completely retiring Enterprise Vault.

Highlights & Impact:  "Lloyds Banking Group significantly enhanced our operational efficiency by consolidating 8,000 traders' email archives into a single, upgraded EAS system.  This move, facilitated by our partners and ZNZ Resources, retired outdated platforms and now adeptly manages over 2 billion items, marking a milestone in our data management strategy." - Lloyds Bank, Messaging Team

Methodology:  Previously, Lloyds Banking Group utilized three disparate email archiving systems for its traders: 2,000 on KVS (a legacy EV solution), 6,000 on EV, and 6,000 on EAS, due to departmental preferences and historical vendor relationships.  Dissatisfied with EV's eDiscovery performance and seeking consolidation, the bank, with ZNZ Resources’ assistance, transitioned all 8,000 traders to an upgraded EAS environment.  This consolidation retired EV and now effectively manages over 2 billion items for the bank.grate with the Nuix/Rampiva automation and eDiscovery solutions.



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