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Escape From eDiscovery Hell


Legal searches and eDiscovery for unstructured data are slower, more difficult, and harder to manage than archived or structured data sources. Many still do it manually, relying on users to gather data. Over-collection is common, and results in high fees as discovery review platforms and eDiscovery providers charge by the GB.  The inability to locate data can result in the loss of legal action in court, sanctions, or charges of spoliation, all of which are costly.


ZNZ Data Processing can connect to multiple sources of unstructured data allowing organizations to search in a single optic. Deadlines are critical in eDiscovery, so ZNZ Data Processing’s ability to process over 8 million files per hour ensures that critical searches complete in a timely manner.  Its ability to identify, enrich, and index the data allows it to understand the soul of the data [metadata], the content, and the ownership and access, ensuring that all the necessary information about relevance and ownership is included. It also ensures that the needed intelligence can be added to data through the enrichment process, so that scanned data can be made searchable through the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process, and smart tags can be added to image and video data.



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