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Enhanced Data Management: Streamlining Cloud Adoption and Retention Policies

Business Case:  Northwood University, a prestigious private institution in Midland, Michigan, dedicated to business education, embarked on a significant cloud initiative aimed at cost reduction and minimizing on-premise infrastructure.  This strategic move was designed to streamline operations, enhance flexibility, and promote a more efficient use of resources, aligning with Northwood's commitment to leveraging technology to optimize its educational and administrative services.

Highlights & Impact:  “Northwood had a major cloud initiative, and as part of this, we moved our archive to the ZNZ Resources’ ZiDOL cloud.  Our migration to the cloud was painless, ZNZ Resources performed the move as a turnkey service.  After moving to the ZiDOL cloud, the archive performance was even better.  The search performance is spectacular.  In addition to the lively search performance, the archive interface is intuitive and easy to use, making our investigations fast and easy to perform.  The ZiDOL archive is critical to our data retention and governance strategies.  We are also looking forward to utilizing the new data governance cure for dark data tools that ZNZ Resources is releasing.” - Davis Yost, Associate Director of IT Security

Methodology:  ZNZ Resources conducted a detailed analysis and successfully migrated Northwood University's data to the ZiDOL Cloud archive.  This strategic move facilitated significant cost reductions for Northwood and allowed for the implementation of essential data retention policies.  This enhanced data management approach marks a significant advancement in Northwood's operational efficiency and compliance adherence.



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