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Enabling Data Governance: Streamlining the Process for eDiscovery and ECA

Business Case:  Sandy Spring Bank, facing regulatory mandates from SEC, FINRA, and the Federal Reserve, embarked on a cloud-centric transformation with AWS, Azure, and M365 Suite. This shift introduced substantial regulatory challenges, exacerbated by scattered communication across Skype for Business and Teams. To address compliance, capture, preservation, and eDiscovery needs, the bank's IT leadership sought a unified solution.

Highlights & Impact:  “Implementing ZNZ's compliance solutions gives us a single source of truth for data archiving, compliance, and eDiscovery.  As an innovative bank with multiple subsidiaries, we needed a solution that would help us meet Federal Reserve, FINRA, and SEC compliance without delaying the adoption of new communication and collaboration tools.  By having a single solution we have also significantly reduced the time and costs for eDiscovery and planning and transitioning our operations to the cloud." - VP Messaging

Methodology:  Sandy Spring Bank addressed regulatory and compliance challenges by partnering with ZNZ Resources for managed EAS archive services. Together, they tailored a single-source solution fitting the bank's specific needs across all communication channels and subsidiaries. ZNZ's flexible deployment model facilitated Sandy Spring's cloud transition, accommodating both on-premises and AWS environments, ensuring seamless integration.

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