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Enabling Data Governance: Streamlining the Process for eDiscovery and ECA

Business Case:  A fractured internal data governance process prevented this client from utilizing the advantages of evolving technology. These disparate systems created significant lags between search and delivery, making it difficult to produce reviewable internal cases for their Information Governance Technical Services Team promptly. A misalignment between data collection, storage, and review presented ballooning costs in terms of both time and effort. 

Highlights & Impact:  “Latham & Watkins is committed to being a global leader in legal technology and strives to be at the apex of new technology.  Working with ZNZ Resources to automate our information governance process has helped us go from months and weeks to days and improved overall productivity in fulfilling critical data requests.” – Information Governance Team, Latham & Watkins.

Methodology:  ZNZ Resources implemented search and discovery for the EAS archive and then provided a custom development and enhancement to automate the rehydration of archived stubs [shortcuts].  This was critical to automate Latham & Watkins information governance process and integrate with the Nuix/Rampiva automation and eDiscovery solutions.



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