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Elevating GE TSG’s PLM Environment: ZNZ Resources Surpasses Standards for 15 years

Business Case:  GE TSG had inefficient and costly service providers maintaining and supporting their engineering design tool and product lifecycle management platforms.  This included various web applications that supported several business units throughout GE Energy and GE Aviation. 

Highlights & Impact:  "Over 15 years, ZNZ Resources has been paramount in managing our critical and export-controlled PLM environment at GE TSG, seamlessly handling multiple upgrades and tech refreshes. Their 24x7 support exceeds standard SLAs, ensuring our systems' reliability. Their prowess extends beyond PLM to web and middleware applications, embodying trust, excellence, and an indispensable extension of our team." — Ken Goodman, Engineering Tools Manager.

Methodology:  For 15 years, ZNZ Resources managed GE Energy and Aviation's sensitive shared PLM environment, adhering to US export laws. Throughout this period, ZNZ executed numerous upgrades, two technology refreshes, and maintained 24/7 support exceeding industry SLA standards. The service encompassed support for a variety of technology platforms like EMatrix, Enovia, and Wind Chill, including 100+ custom web applications, under the strict governance of the US Department of Commerce.



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