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Efficient Data Management: Amidst Rising Storage Costs and Legal Challenges

Business Case:  Facing £1400/year to store 1TB, this client grappled with vast on-premise assets and complex Exchange servers, challenging resource allocation amid escalating priorities. The lack of unified eDiscovery search functionality introduced significant risks, generating redundancies and inefficiencies vital in early case assessments and internal probes crucial for navigating multi-million pound legal cases, emphasizing the need for streamlined data management.

Highlights & Impact:  “ZNZ Resources’ EAS archive allowed us to significantly reduce the 300 terabyte Exchange archive to roughly 30-40% of that number. I was truly impressed that their single instancing and compression capabilities could deliver that sort of ROI to us.” - Mike Long, Principal Audit Manager

Methodology:  ZNZ Resources' single-instancing and compression technology reduced Network Rail’s 300TB storage volume by 50-60%, significantly cutting costs. Transitioning remaining data to affordable cloud storage, ZNZ Resources enabled Network Rail to decommission its expansive Exchange 2013 servers. This upgrade enhanced search capabilities, allowing staff to prioritize data analysis over collection, thereby enhancing efficiency and business protection in a comprehensive, cost-effective strategy.

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