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Data Routing and Integration with iManage


Law firms and legal departments face significant challenges in managing and integrating vast amounts of unstructured data.  This includes client documents, emails, case files, and more, leading to escalating data storage costs, compliance risks, and inefficiencies in data retrieval and utilization.  While iManage has several out of the box integrations, they have many data types that are not natively supported and difficult to get into the system. 


ZNZ Data Connect universally and securely connects to all of the unstructured data sources of any law firm–at tremendous speed and exabyte scale.  ZNZ Data Detect then identifies, enriches, and indexes this data to turn it into Actionable Smart Data. ZNZ Data Ownership integrates with the organization’s active directory to assign ownership and responsibility.  Then based on the organization's policy, compliance, utilization, and security demands, ZNZ Data Processing leverages the ZNZ Data Router to intelligently route data to iManage for document management and case assignment.  As the data is indexed on the ZNZ Data Optic, any additional data that needed to be moved or accessed in iManage on an ad-hoc basis would be seamless and rapid as ZNZ Data Processing would already be connected and proactively managing that data.



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