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Activating Linux: Streamlining Support for Linux Across GE

Business Case:  GE Research was struggling to find an Operations Support team with deep capabilities in Linux systems.  The incumbent provider was Microsoft Windows-focused and didn’t have the depth of experience to perform at the enterprise level in a Unix environment.  ZNZ Resources was able to build an exceptionally talented team that quickly established itself as the class in Linux support across all GE support teams and shattered records in SLA achievement and first-time-right metrics.

Highlights & Impact: "I've worked alongside various teams in my time as the Director of IT at GE Research and Development, but ZNZ Resources certainly stands out.  Within a six-month period, they assembled a competent team that set a high benchmark for Linux support across GE." - Eric Tucker, CTO, GE Research

Methodology:  Six months from inception, the GE Research Linux support team matured from the lowest to the highest performing team across all the GE businesses.  So impressed with the results, GE leadership chose to have ZNZ Resources build MS Windows and desk-side services support teams as well.  Within 18 months, ZNZ Resources was performing Operations support for all compute technologies at GE research worldwide.



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