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Vita Data Governance

A Division of ZNZ Resources

Purpose-Built for the Health Care & Life Sciences Sector


Unified Data Stack
Purpose-Built for the Health Care &
Life Sciences Sector

The healthcare sector is subject to strict regulatory requirements related to data archiving, including those related to patient health records and other healthcare data.  Patient health records must be archived to comply with privacy regulations such as HIPAA, and detailed records of patient care must be maintained for billing and reimbursement purposes.  In addition, life science companies must archive clinical trial data, regulatory documents, and other sensitive information related to research and development.


The ZNZ Unified Data Stack

Leveraging the Ai Data Tool Box and Ai Data Detect Dashboard 

Ai Data Detect

As the flagship component of our cutting-edge Ai Data Tool Box, Ai Data Detect is revolutionizing the way organizations leverage their data assets.

At its core, Ai Data Detect is designed to provide rapid visibility and deep insights into the intricate landscape of data stores.  By unlocking the untapped potential of data assets, this powerful solution empowers enterprises to gain unparalleled visibility, make informed decisions, and maximize the value of their data.

Advanced Archive +

Packed with advanced features, adaptive hosting, AI-powered efficiency, and seamless integration within the Ai Data Tool Box ecosystem, this powerful tool will empower organizations with precise control over their archived data. 


By harnessing the capabilities of Advanced Archive+, organizations will confidently preserve their data, achieve regulatory compliance, and unlock the full potential of their archived information for informed decision-making, collaboration, and innovation.

Data Connect

Data Connect enables organizations to seamlessly capture and preserve data from various sources, including enterprise channels, mobile devices, social media, and collaboration tools.  This simplifies compliance with regulatory requirements, facilitates eDiscovery, and ensures the retention of valuable data.

Combined with the other components of the Ai Data Tool Box ecosystem, Data Connect enhances data management capabilities by providing advanced insights, profiling, and automated lifecycle policies for data retention.

Contact us to learn more about our Purpose-Built Unified Data Stack.

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