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Purpose-Built for your on-premise archiving needs 


Enterprise Archive Solution [EAS]

EAS delivers a unified archive repository to compliantly and intelligently preserve data generated from enterprise messaging, collaboration, file-sharing, and social media applications. Data preserved from these various sources can be rapidly searched and discovered for litigation support, end-user access, and to meet the demands of today’s global regulatory landscape.

EAS Differentiators

Data Orchestration

EAS enables full data orchestration and geo-dispersion that is managed, administered, and discovered through a single UI. EAS enables enterprises with geographically dispersed teams to logically silo data using archive services and store that data in the desired country of residency. EAS will systematically orchestrate the archival of data to the specific data residency required by your enterprise by using different data connectors, providing regional operations with localized archival storage to meet the demands of today’s global regulatory landscape.

​Perform rapid eDiscovery across all of your enterprise messaging, collaboration, file-sharing, and social media applications. A next-generation solution trusted by highly litigious and regulated Fortune 500 companies, AM 100 Law Firms, and government agencies across the globe to begin their eDiscovery collections process.

EAS Discovery 

EAS Access

EAS provides enterprises with a suite of applications that empower end-users to perform a rapid search across mailboxes through multiple access points including our Outlook and OWA Plug-in, EDRM, Secure Web Application, and Mobile App. 


The ZNZ Unified Data Optic

Purpose-Built to meet the specific industry needs of our clients

Data Connect

Our agnostic Data Connect framework enables enterprises to capture, transform, mobilize, and continuously deliver content from chat and collaboration channels and deliver it to any output destination. Data Connect is the most versatile data connectivity platform in the market.

Ai Data Detect

Ai Data Detect provides rapid visibility and understanding of your enormous data stores. By shining a light on dark data and allowing users to search, discover, and govern that data, Ai Data Detect addresses the operational burdens of data compliance obligations and transforms dark data into a competitive advantage

Advanced Archive

Advanced Archive provides comprehensive unified data archiving built on over two decades of experience as an industry leader providing enterprise information archiving, management, eDiscovery, and compliance solutions for litigation, regulatory, and GDPR requirements.

Contact us to learn more about our Purpose-Built Unified Data Optic.

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